Risk assessment and handling of fire in lithium-ion batteries

Guidelines for fire and rescue services - Version 1 – November 2021


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ISBN 978-82-7768-529-8 (PDF)

The guide is intended to provide the fire and rescue services in Norway with a professional basis in order to draw up internal procedures or guidelines for interventions. The guide describes four different risk  levels. Response plans must be adapted to the specific organisation in relation to capacity, expertise, equipment etc., preferably through separate ROSanalyses, preparedness analysis, preparedness plans and response plans in the individual fire services.

The guide is not exhaustive. A complete overview of the challenges involved with LIB is not possible at this present time. Best practice is described; however, all those who are responsible for handling the relevant incident must make independent assessments. The objective is that the guide can inspire, impart knowledge and instigate preliminary activity.

We recommend that you read the entire guide, in any case as far as the appendices, before using the response plans. These must be tailored, and quality assessed within the individual fire service, based on relevant risk. An overview of abbreviations and terms used can be found on page 37.