Poland – Predfined project on CBRNE

In Poland, DSB together with the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment FFI, are donor project partners (dpp) for a predefined project on improved disaster resilience, under programme area 23 Disaster prevention and preparedness.

Polish project promoter is the Internal Security Agency (ABW).

The project shall contribute to Enhanced prevention and preparedness to chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive hazards in Poland.

The project consists of two modules, one focusing on activities regarding analysis, the other focusing on the implementation of training modules and standard procedures. A review on the systemic gaps and analysis of these shortcomings will form the basis for the creation of a national CBRNE coordination and standardisation system.

  • all actions are divided into Working Packages that will be aiming towards creation of a National CBRNE Coordination and Standardisation System (NCSS CBRNE).
  • review and analysis of systemic gaps revealed by the CBRN Shield 2017 exercise.
  • launching a system of alerts on CBRNE threats.
  • establishing innovative training platform.
  • development of standardized procedures for dealing with victims.
  • development of requirements for personal protective equipment and other equipment for CBRNE response teams.
  • development of recommendations for new CBRNE technologies.

The project will enhance the incident response system, including the prevention, preparedness and recovery and better coordination between different authorities by

  • The training of professional staff.
  • Establishing a national CBRNE System.
  • Procurement of some specialised equipment in Poland

Through this project, DSB and FFI also seek to strengthen Norwegian CBRNE Preparedness and Response capacity.

DSB also participates as Donor Programme Partner (DPP) for the Polish Home Affairs programme.


Project title: The process of Coordination and Standardisation in the field of CBRNE as an Element of Prevention, Preparedness and Response.

Total budget: €7,250,000
Project duration: 48 months (launch estimated June 2020)

Project promoter: Internal Security Agency (ABW) 

Donor project partner:
Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection, DSB 
Contact: Torill Tandberg (torill.tandberg@dsb.no)

Norwegian Defence Research Establishment, FFI 
Contact: Anders Helgeland (anders.helgeland@ffi.no)

National project partners in Poland:

The Main School of Fire Service

Military Institute of Chemistry and Radiometry

Military Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology

Government Centre for Security

Military University of Technology

Institute of Fundamental Technological Research at the Polish Academy of Science

Headquarters of the State Fire Service

Counter-terrorism Operations Office of the National Police Headquarters

Central Forensic Laboratory of the Police

Response Centre for the Epidemiological armed forces of Poland

Ministry of Health

Poland Institute of Immunology and Experimental Therapy at the Polish Academy of Science

National Atomic Energy Agency

University of Lodz

Jagiellonian University Medical College