Portugal – Predefined Project vulnerability assessment to climate change

In Portugal, DSB is donor project partner (dpp) for a predefined project on vulnerability assessments to climate change. Portuguese project promoter is the Environment Agency (APA).

One of the changes introduced in the revision of the National Programme for Spatial Planning Policy (PNPOT) was the integration of adaptation as one of main drivers for future consideration at all scales of territorial interventions.

The only existing vulnerability assessments in Portugal were made in the beginning of the century with sectoral focus. The assessments need to be updated with the latest available information on climate change per territories/regions given the marked differences existing across the Portuguese mainland and the archipelagos.

The pre-defined project will contribute to this update/expansion of the vulnerability assessment. A key aim of the assessment is to support local, regional and national level of implementation of adaptation.


Project title: Vulnerability Assessment to Climate Change Updated for Territorial Focus

EEA Grant contribution: €400,000

Project duration
: 36 months

Project promoter
: Portoguese Environment Agency (APA)

Donor project partner: Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection.

EEA Grants in Portugal