Authorized rock blaster certificate or authorized rock blasting adviser – applicants from other EU/EEA countries

If you have education and experience from another EU/EEA country and wish to continue your regulated profession as an authorized rock blaster or authorized rock blasting adviser in Norway, you must send an application to the Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection (DSB). The same applies if you are a technical blasting adviser, a certified pyrotechnician or a certified stage pyrotechnician in your country of origin.

Norsk versjon:
Søknad om bergsprengersertifikat fra annet EU/EØS land


Evaluation of qualifications

The evaluation of your qualifications will be carried out in accordance with Regulation June 26th 2002 no. 922 on the handling of explosive substances (the explosives regulation of 2002) chapter 14 (Directive 2005/36/EC), cf. Regulation June 15th 2017 no. 844 on the civilian handling of explosive substances (the explosives regulation) section 143 (1). Your qualifications will be assessed with regards to the requirements for achieving the profession in Norway.

For example, if you wish to be an authorized rock blasting adviser in Norway, you must meet the requirements in the explosives regulation section 80. If you wish to be an authorized rock blaster, you must meet the requirements in the explosives regulation section 81.

Requirements for the applicant

Recognition under the explosives regulation of 2002 chapter 14 applies to regulated professions, and is based on you already, in your country of origin, possessing the competence for which you are seeking recognition.  For example, if you apply for recognition as an authorized rock blasting adviser, you must already be an authorized rock blasting adviser in your country of origin. It will as a rule not be possible to compensate for a lack of education from your country of origin by taking the ordinary rock blasting adviser course in Norway.

Under the explosives regulation section 79 paragraph one, rock blasting can only be performed by a company which has hired a sufficient number of authorized rock blasting advisers and rock blasters with valid certificates, and, if applicable, persons who have had their professional qualifications recognized correspondingly.

Furthermore, the company must, from January 1st 2018, have at least one full time rock blasting adviser, cf. the explosives regulation section 79 paragraph two.

It is required that you are given training in and obey the relevant regulations in force, and that you have the necessary language skills to be able to practice the profession in question in Norway.

Documentation to be attached to the application:

  • A copy of an original passport or other documentation which shows your identity and nationality.
  • A copy of an original valid certificate that shows that you are legally established in your country of origin with the purpose of practising the profession in question there.
  • A confirmation from the issuing authority that shows that the certificate, at the time of application, is valid, has not expired, and that it has not, neither temporarily nor permanently, been revoked. If certificates are not issued in your country of origin: a copy of an original diploma from a relevant education.
  • Your CV.
  • An original certificate of good conduct from the police, no older than three months.
  • In addition, information concerning the requirements to be an authorized rock blaster, authorized rock blasting adviser etc. in your country of origin must be submitted, such as information about the requirements to get the certificate for the regulated profession. Relevant information can be the number of years in school, the length and subject matter in courses, the length and subject matter of practise, relevant certificates, what you are qualified to do under the different certificates, the names of schools, the name of the authorities that issue the certificates etc.

All copies must be stamped and signed by the notary public. All documentation must be translated by an approved translator to Norwegian or English, with the exception of Swedish and Danish documentation.

You must also give information on the nature and permanence of the work: what you are planning to work on in Norway, how long you are planning to work, and for which employer and which project, if that is known.

Case processing time

It is important that you take into account a case processing time of approximately 2-3 months. The case processing time is calculated only from the time all necessary documentation has been received by DSB. Inadequate applications will be considered received only after the time when all the documentation and information is received by DSB. Please send all documentation together.

Renewal of the certificates

Furthermore, Norwegian authorized rock blasters and rock blasting advisers must renew their certificates every five years, cf. the explosives regulation section 82, and this will also be applicable to you if you apply for permanent establishment in Norway. A successful recognition of your competence will in any case not apply for longer than the date of expiry on your own certificate. The same terms and conditions which apply to Norwegian practitioners shall apply to the practise of your profession in Norway.

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