Barents Rescue 2022 - International Competence Building Webinar

Barens Rescue 2022
DSB, Tønsberg, Norway
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Barents Rescue 2022 (BR22) is an international rescue exercise between the countries in the Barents region: Finland, Norway, Russia and Sweden. The exercise is held every three years, and its main goal is to improve preparedness and cooperation between the participating countries.

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In 2022 the BR22 exercise will be held in the Bodø-region in Norway in September. In May 2022 the EU-exercise Arctic REIHN 2022 (AR22) will be held in the same region, and there will be some common actors and participants in these two exercises.

In front of the BR22 and the AR22 exercises, there will be a common competence building programme. One part of this programme, is an international BR22 webinar 27. January 2022. DSB (Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection) will have the main responsibility for this webinar, but it will be knowledge shearers from all the Barents countries.

The scenarios for the BR22 exercise will be:

  1. Urban rescue incl. landslide/rockslide,
  2. Event incl. height rescue challenges,
  3. Accident in a tunnel, and
  4. Maritime coastal event.

The scenario events will contain elements such as mass injury and treatment, rescue situation and evacuation (SAR and USAR), cold conditions and hypothermia, border crossing and international assistance, and strategic and operational crisis management.

The competence building will therefore have focus in these elements for the webinar programme. The webinar will contain many interesting and knowledgeable speakers who will talk about topics that are highly relevant to BR22. This elements will also be relevant for the participants and actors for the exercise AR22. The webinar which take part 27. January 2022 will therefore be useful for both BR22 and AR22. Final programme will be published when this is finished.

The webinar is free of charged and those who have interest in the webinar program can participate. Use the "sign up" link above to register your participation.