Quarantine hotel service for visitors to Norway who need a suitable place to quarantine

If you do not have a suitable place where you can comply with your entry quarantine obligations, you can use the quarantine hotel service. You can find an overview of quarantine hotels in different municipalities here.

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Some groups of visitors are obliged to complete entry quarantine upon arrival in Norway. Entry quarantine must be spent in your own home or another suitable place where it is possible to avoid close contact with others, with a private room, separate bathroom and kitchen, or food service.

You can find more information about who is obliged to quarantine upon entry and what this entails at helsenorge.no

If you do not have a suitable place to spend your entry quarantine, you can take advantage of the offer of a quarantine hotel. Many municipalities offer quarantine hotels, typically located near major border entry points.

The quarantine hotel service is only available to people with an obligation to complete quarantine upon entry.

Municipalities with quarantine hotels and contact points

County Municipality Hotel name and contact details 
Innlandet   Innlandet does not currently have quarantine hotels. Contact hotels in nearby counties if you need to carry out entry quarantine at quarantine hotels.
Oslo og Viken Ullensaker Best Western Plus Airport, tel. +47 63 94 08 00
Comfort Hotel Runway, tel. +47 63 94 88 88
Oslo Scandic Helsfyr, tel. +47 22 92 22 01
Vestfold og Telemark Sandefjord Scandic Park Sandefjord, tel. +47 948 11 618
Agder Kristiansand  Thon Hotel Parken. tel. +47 38 17 20 40
Rogaland Sola Multiple hotels available. Please contact the test centre, tel. +47 476 36 814, for more information.
Karmøy  Park Inn by Radisson Haugesund Airport, tel. + 47 52 86 10 90
Vestland Bergen Scandic Kokstad, tel. +47 21 61 44 00
Møre og Romsdal Ålesund Scandic Parken Hotell, tel. +47 70 13 23 00
Kristiansund Quality Hotel Grand, tel. +47 71 57 13 00

Thon Hotell Moldefjord, tel. +47 71 20 35 00

Trøndelag Stjørdal Multiple hotels available in this region. Please call +47 73 92 55 27 or e-mail cl.trondheim@choice.no for more information.
Nordland Bodø Radisson Blu, tel. +47 75 51 90 06
Thon Hotel Nordlys, tel. +47 75 53 19 00
Rana Scandic Meyergården, tel. +47 75 13 40 00
Narvik Thon Hotel, tel. +47 76 96 48 00
Troms og Finnmark Alta Thon Hotel Alta, tlf. +47 78 49 40 01
Canyon Hotel, tel. +47 78 10 20 00
Scandic Hotel, tlf. +47 78 48 27 00
Tromsø Radisson Blu, tel. +47 77 60 00 00
Sør-Varanger Scandic Hotell Kirkenes, tel. +47 78 99 59 00
Storfjord Welcome inn Lyngskroa, tlf. + 47 77 71 50 00
Skibotn Hotel, tlf. +47 77 71 56 00

About staying in a quarantine hotel

  • As a general rule, people spending their entry quarantine in a quarantine hotel pay NOK 500 per day.
  • The municipality will offer you Covid-19 testing while you are at the quarantine hotel.
  • While in entry quarantine, you must not visit places where it is difficult to maintain the necessary distance from other people. You will, therefore, receive in-room dining service at the quarantine hotel.
  • While in entry quarantine, you must not use public transport or visit public places such as shops, pharmacies and cafes. However, if you have no other alternative, you may go to shops or pharmacies on necessary errands. Make sure you maintain a good distance from others.
  • You can go for walks outside, although you must maintain a good distance from others. Children and young people should have an opportunity to play and you are encouraged to go out and play with your children at least once a day. 

You can find more information about the rules and advice on completing entry quarantine at helsenorge.no

Do you need hjelp?

Call Center phone +47 33 41 28 70 or e-mail support@entrynorway.no

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