About DSB

The Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection (DSB) reports to the Ministry of Justice and Public Security.

DSB's overall task is maintaining a complete overview of various risks and vulnerability in general. Our responsibilities cover local, regional and national preparedness and emergency planning, fire safety, electrical safety, handling and transport of hazardous substances, as well as product and consumer safety.

Nødnett – the Norwegian Emergency Public Safety Network, a separate radio network, built specifically for rescue and emergency users, is owned and managed by DSB.

Furthermore, the Norwegian Civil Defence, the DSB College, the Norwegian Fire Academy (Norges brannskole) and the Civil Defence Academy belong to DSB's portfolio. As do the Norwegian Support Team (NST), an internationally focused emergency capacity.

The head office of DSB is located in Tønsberg, a 90 minute drive south of Norway's capital, Oslo. We have currently +/- 700 employees, representing DSB at offices, academies, inspectorates and civil defence districts all over the country.

Contact information

Telephone: 33 41 25 00 
E-mail: postmottak@dsb.no

Press/media contact: 992 52 000 / pressevakt@dsb.no

Postal address:

PO. box 2014, 3103 Tønsberg

Visiting address:

Head office
Rambergveien 9, 3115 Tønsberg, Norway

Emergency communications department
Oslo: Nydalen allé 37 A, 0484 Oslo
Moss: Solgaard Skog 15, 1599 Moss